Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seasonal Banner and Pennant Tutorial (*Free Download*)

With the intention of adding some extra pizzaz to our house when celebrating new seasons, holidays and special events and celebrations I have started creating banners/pennants. It's an inexpensive way to add some seasonal decorations to our house and "shout out" our family's sesonal greetings to the world (at least those who pass by our house from time to time :).

I started this tradition at Christmas with a "Joy To The World" banner! For Valentine's Day, I made one stating: "Love One Another". And after our long winter, I created a new pennant design "Spring Time". I also created a "Congrats" banner when I hosted my friend's bridal shower.  Since all three of our birthdays fall within the next 1 1/2 months of each other, my next pennant will simply state "Happy Birthday!"  But I'm also tempted to make a "Walking On Sunshine" banner to celebrate summer!  However, Rob reminds me I need to save some ideas for upcoming years :) 

If you want to start spreading your own messages of fun, hope and love to your family and friends, you are welcome to use my templates. Here are some further instructions, tips, and a supply list to help get you started.  Once you have all your supplies gathered, it will take about 1 hour to create a new pennant from start to "hanging". 

Supply List:
  • Heavy 12x12 Cardstock
  • Patterned 12x12 Scrapbook Paper that coordinates with heavy cardstock
  • Chipboard Letters, Die Cut Letters, Large Alphabet Sticker Letters, or make letters using a Cricut or Silhoutte Cutting Machine(s)
  • Tape Runner
  • Twine/String/Ribbon (whatever medium you choose to use to hang it with)
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Decorative Ribbon (optional)
  • 3M Command Adhesive Clips or Hooks
  • Use double-sided heavy cardstock if your banner/pennant will be seen from both sides.  Since I hang my banners/pennants between my columns I use clean double sided cardstock so it looks nice from both the front and back.  Plus, the heavy cardstock will prevent curling. 
  • If you use my templates you can cut two pieces from one 12X12 piece of cardstock. 
  • Punch a hole in each corner vs. one hole in the middle of each piece.  Each individual piece will hang much nicer and also prevent the cardstock from curling. 
Click here to view and/or download my banner/pennant templates. 

If you save or download my templates to create your own banner/pennants please leave me a comment :)  I would love to hear what message you plan to spread AND see pictures! 

I am linking my post to Paisley Passions.  Click on this link to check out more homemade ideas, recipes, printables, etc...


  1. An Idea for your birthday banner, make matching numbers and glue then to a cloths pin. then you can put your son's age in the middle "HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY"