Friday, May 20, 2011

The ACTUAL Summer Bucket LIST

Paint rocks like lady bugs, bees and/or butterflies. Use bendable wire to make the wings and hot glue them on. This is the link to "bee" rocks: And this is the link to "lady bug" rocks:

Make brownies in a mug.

Do some Q-tip painting together. Do a few paintings on notecards to use for birthday parties, thinking of you notes, or get well notes.

Make and send a few finger print flower cards. For inspiration use Ed Emberley design book.

Make and mail note card puzzles.

Make lunch in a muffin tin (visit Muffin Tin Mom blog for ideas).

Make and decorate cupcakes. Give some away.

Go to the Dollar Store and buy each other a gift, hide it, and draw a map so they can find it. (span over 2 days)

Invite and meet friends for ice cream.  Josiah has to call them on the phone. 

Play Croquet, Boccee, or Ladder Ball in the backyard.

Play flashlight tag at night. Before nightfall, make sure the flashlights have batteries and are ready to go.

Play hopscotch on bubble wrap.

Have our daily 20 minute reading time at a lake/river.

Send birth mom a care package. Josiah gets to decide what we are going to mail.

Send Mrs. Wiseman a letter and also maybe a hand drawn picture or card.

Invite friends for a PJ's and Pancakes Play Date Morning. Josiah will need to call them one day and have them over the next day.

Make sun-catchers with a kit from a craft store.

Fly a kite at a park.

Make and play with homemade face paint.

Read at least 2 books to each other in the backyard shade and Mommy will read our favorite Bible Stories.

Build a blanket or sheet fort inside OR outside.

Go bowling. You can invite one friend.

Go garage "saleing" (we have $15 to spend).

Ride the trolley and go out to lunch and shopping downtown (take your camera). You have $10 to spend on something for you or someone else.

Make dirt cup/gummy worm treats to eat and give some away.

Go try on lots of sunglasses and take pictures.

Make, play with and give away some edible sand.

Make our own moon sand to play with. You can find two different recipes by following these links: or

Find a new city park to play at.

Go out for donuts.

Make a tape city on our carpet to play with your cars. If you want, we could also make some buildings for our cars to visit and drive to (up-cycling treat boxes, cereal boxes, etc)

Dance to 3 Wii Just Dance for Kids songs together.

Go for a nature hike. Take your camera.

Do yoga together for 30 minutes.

Practice skipping rope for 20 minutes.

Do a themed scavenger hunt (color, alphabet, shape). Take pictures with your camera.

Make silly putty. Follow recipe on The Idea Room blog. Here's the link:

Make Glow in the Dark Slime. Follow the recipe on The Idea Room blog. Here's the link:

Go see a movie at the Pavilion

P DAYPizza, Picnic, and Play Date at the Park. Invite friends.

Make treats for the Callie Branch librarians. Josiah can decide what we should make them and must help Mommy bake them and package them.

Plan and make a foil packet grill meal.

Have a picnic lunch at a park by ourselves. Plus, Josiah can play and Mommy gets to read.

Learn some history about someone you've always wondered about (an author, an inventor, a pioneer, etc). We can search for information on the internet, go to the library, call someone, etc    

Make a birdhouse and then paint it. Use a craft store kit. (2 days)

Read a story and have Mommy video record it. Mail copies of the recordings to birth mom and both set of grandparents.

Buy and assemble a 500 piece puzzle together. This might take a couple of days.

Do a word search puzzle.

Go for a walk and pick up garbage for 30 minutes. (You can use your squeezer picker-upper).

Visit Falls Park. Take your camera.

Go for a bike ride on the bike trail.

Buy dog treats and make Cooper go on a treat scavenger hunt. Time him and see if he can do it faster and faster. (Maybe we can do this for our neighbor dogs, Simon and Jake too J).

Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. Wow! Sounds like a great summer - Do you pick one out of the bucket and do it? Or how does that work? - Can i come and play? lol

  2. The plan is for Josiah to pick one activity out of the bucket each day. And yes, you can certainly come play with us anytime you'd like :)

  3. I saw this post on Tip Junkie and love your ideas! I saved them for my own "bucket list". I started a similar idea last year if you'd like to check out some ideas of mine, here's the initial link:
    Unfortunately, our "celebrations" our posted on individual days, but you can tell from the blog post titles. Hope you guys have an awesome summer! Sounds fun.

  4. such a cute idea! I'm a new follower

  5. What magical ideas! I pray all of them come true this summer!