Monday, March 12, 2012

Currently....(Edition 2)

Since my other "current" list was a I'm going to make "Currently" a regular post on my blog.  It's a great way to capture and tell you about the everyday moments in my life and our home :) 

Books-  Above is my stack of books waiting to be read! It's gonna be a push to get through them before Josiah is out of school, but I'll suffer through it (ha ha).  I just don't seem to get near as much reading done during the summer.  My main focus is finishing up the Hunger Games Trilogy because I'm meeting with a bunch of girlfriends on Friday night to talk about them before the movie opens on March 23.  Overall, I give the Hunger Games books 3.5 stars (I'm not quite as captivated by them as others are).

Play list-  Right now I'm listening to the Beatles ("Love Me Do" to be exact).  A few weeks ago, Rob requested I load our ipods with some oldies.  So, I scoured our library's Cd's and we've been enjoying some new "older" tunes!  It's fun to mix it up once in awhile, huh?

Food-  Ate leftover sloppy joes for lunch-- or do you call them BBQ's, taverns, loose meat sandwiches, Spanish hamburgers??? Everyone has a different name for them.  But, I admit, "taverns" is the craziest name I've heard them called!!!  I learned this term when I went to college in NW Iowa.... For supper, we are having fish sticks, a Birds Eye Viola pasta skillet bag, and fresh fruit. 

Wishin' For- More than I should roof, outside and inside paint jobs, new decks, new garage door opener, new racks in my dishwasher (they have corroded and the rust is staining my dishes), new computer, new bikes for Josiah and I, new TVs, King size bed, and once in awhile, even a puppy :) 

Needs- Nothing, truly....This past weekend I spent most of my time in the darkness of our bedroom, flat on my back.  Somehow my eyes are having an allergic reaction to the brand of contacts I have been wearing 8+ years.  The inflammation in my eyes was so bad my eyes burned, watered, and it hurt to even open them.  I couldn't do anything enjoyable without feeling miserable-- be outside, read, watch TV, errands, computer work, or church.  So, I've learned to appreciate all that God has provided and that I truly "need" nothing else.  I was so disabled without it. 

Planning- A baby shower for Stephanie & Chris this weekend in Mitchell.  I'm planning around a bumble bee theme--decorations and food are all theme coordinated :)

Outfit- My fuzzy purple slippers, Hydraulic jeans with holes worn in them, DKNY shirt, cami from the Loft, and zippered hoodie from NY Company.  And most noteworthy, eye glasses!

Favorite American Idol Stars-  Right now I'm rooting for Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt and Phillip Phillips.  Phenomenal talent this year!

Excited About- My parents returning from Arizona soon and spending Easter at our house!  (FYI bros & sister--- I called dibs on them!!) And the weather!!!!

Mood-  Kinda frustrated and slightly overwhelmed....feeling like I have a lot of catching up to do after spending the weekend out of commission. 

Regretting- Not working out all winter long!  With temps predicted in the 70's this week, it's time to get off the couch and moving again. I've been pinning inspiration on "Off the Couch" pin board but so far I haven't been inspired quite enough to get moving....Oh, how I hate exercise.

Indulgence- New eye glasses!  Since my old eyeglasses were a prescription from 3+ years ago... What do you think?

Looking Forward- To a trip to Colorado for a friend's wedding in early May and onto to Salt Lake City, UT afterwards to see visit some "old" friends!  And maybe even swinging back down to Arizona???

Favorite New Product- Wen Conditioner!  I have been using Wen hair care conditioner since late December (right around Christmas) and have healthier, shinier, even thicker and bouncier hair.  Granted I didn't need thicker and bouncier hair but it's also smoother and less frizzy.  Plus, it extended the life of my hair color another 2-3 weeks.  I order my products from QVC vs. the infomerical.  Definitely recommend--especially for those with thin, limp hair! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Resurrection Planter

We are starting to prepare our home to celebrate Easter!  It is certainly one of the most important holidays our family celebrates!  We are so thankful that God sent Jesus to this earth to pay the penalty for our sins on the cross so we can have eternal life with Him!  Nothing we can do, be, or say will earn our way into heaven except for believing in Jesus!  That kind of grace is definitely worth celebrating every day!!!!

On Saturday morning as I was perusing Pinterest I found the inspiration to create a resurrection planter with Josiah.  (p.s. I don't know who to give credit to because the pin only had a google user reference; it didn't point me back to a specific link).  We were both so excited about it that we didn't waste any time putting it together!

Resurrection Planter Supply List: 
  • bowl shaped planter ($1 hanging planter at the Dollar Store--we just removed the strings to hang it)
  • small terra cotta pot (for the tomb)
  • small rocks (vase filler rocks) to put in front of the tomb
  • small rocks to place around the tomb to keep soil in place
  • large rock to cover the tomb
  • grass seed ($2.50 Walmart)
  • potting soil ($5 Walmart)
  • small twigs and twine
  • hot glue gun and glue
Here are step by step pictures of us putting it together! 

Dump soil in the bowl.

Place "tomb" in bowl after bowl is about half filled with soil. 

  Create a hill around the "tomb".  Add and pat down soil. 

 Place small path rocks and other rock around and in front of the "tomb." 

Make three crosses out of small sticks, hot glue, and twine. 

Place crosses in back of planter. (Note:  This was the first cross we made...the sticks were too big, so we had to redo it with smaller sticks.  But we are repurposing this cross in another planter). 

Plant grass and cover with a layer of soil. 

 A snapshot of how our planter looks with the "tomb" uncovered. 

View of planter with "tomb" covered. 

Water grass seeds with small water sprayer. 

"It is finished!" 

Well almost, finished...gotta clean up our mess! 

We are excited for the grass to grow in our Resurrection Planter!  We will enjoy this very special Easter table centerpiece all season long!  It will be a great reminder of the real meaning of Easter! 

Josiah is pretty excited about trimming the grass when it grows! And he has already been acting the Resurrection story with his little figurines :) 

More Easter decorating and celebration ideas to follow in the days ahead! 

 P.s. Did you notice the wardrobe change?  Josiah got ready for bed throughout the process, as well :)  

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