Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Tic Tac Toe Board Costume

Happy Halloween!!! Hope you and your families have a good time trick or treating. 

Josiah is being a "party-pooper" this year and refused to participate in a family costume idea this year. I wanted us to all dress up as Angry Birds or Smurfs but he can be a "fun-hater" sometimes and said NO! He wanted to be a white power ranger but we either couldn't find a costume in his size or they were so ridiculously expensive that I refused to buy it for him.

Since we couldn't reach an agreement on costuming, Josiah said for days and weeks that he wasn't celebrating Halloween this year. As a Mom that loves to celebrate life and every big and little holiday, this made me so sad. Plus, I didn't want him to regret not having a costume when his class party began or dusk rolled this evening and I was stuck scrambling for an idea.

After conversing and negoitating, we settled on him being an interactive tic tac toe board. I wanted to make the tic tac toe board larger and have a board on his front and back-side but our little "ghoul" said he would only wear it if it was small and only on the front of his body. So, I adapted my plans and this is what I came up with late last night.

Tic Tac Toe Board Halloween Costume

pizza box or cardboard box
hot glue gun (It does not show through felt). 

Make neck strap by tucking felt through pizza box. 

Cover cardboard with felt; slitting felt to make nice corners. 

This is a look at the covered box and the grid lines. 
Cut X & O's out of felt to make the board interactive!
I didn't finish it before he went to bed, so I held my breath all night wondering if it would meet his approval. It did!!!! He proudily took it to school with him so I hope that it will be a "hit" and not backfire, making him feel miserable and sad that I didn't let him be a white power ranger.

 In case anyone else in blog land is searching for an inexpensive last minute idea-- I decided to post our costume idea for inspiration.

We would love to know if we provided inspiration, so leave me a comment if you plan to use or adapt our costume idea.

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  1. I love this idea and I think we're going to try it! Thanks for posting! ;-)