Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Shower Details

Sorry for the extended delay in posting the rest of Emry's shower details.  I forgot to take my camera for the big weekend in Midland *gasp*, so I have been counting on my twin sister to get me her pictures.  And my blog isn't high on her priority list :)  ha ha :)  But, I finally got them and so rather than posting several entries...I am going to give you the itty bitty details all at once because I have so many other blog entries I want to share too :) 

"Tweet Tree"

I created a "tree" by sticking several branches into a bucket of sand.  Then decorated it with little pieces of ribbon and these little birds. This tree greeted the guests at the front door with a sign that said "So Tweet of You To Come!"  This helped pull in the "brown/natural" part of the shower. 

Inspired by Pinterest, I made the birds by using this template and I cut them out of an old book.  (I free-handed my own wings).  I distressed them with some brown ink.  And I "jazzed" them up a bit with glitter by spraying adhesive glue on them and then lightly sprinkling them with glitter.  I made their little feet with small twigs. 

I am going to re-purpose them by using them as cute little gift tags for Christmas gift giving.  They would also make adorable ornaments :)  And I just stuck a couple of them on a wedding gift! 

(The shower pics of the birds and "tweet" tree didn't turn out so I took some different ones. )

Pom Pom Balls

Pom Pom Balls are all the rage in the craft blogging world and on Pinterest.  They are really simple and affordable to make but a bit time consuming.  All you need is tissue paper, floral wire, and fishing line.  (Note:  It is important to use double sided tissue paper). 

You basically fold, wrap with wrap and fluff!!  But visit this tutorial on Martha for a more detailed how to and step by step pictures, if you are really interested in making them. 
I love how big, bold and dramatic they look!

Memory Book Notecards

We used this idea to replace a traditional guest book. 

I cut white cardstock into 4 X6 sized notecards and embellished them with paper, stickers, stamps, etc... Then we put a double-sided table tent sign on each table explaining that we wanted each guest to use the notecard to write a note of congratulations, a memory of Tyler and Angel as they were growing up, advice, etc...

The guests did a fabulous job of writing all sorts of memories and advice.  Everyone enjoyed having us share a few of them aloud-- especially the ones with advice and written by the Grandmas.  We provided them with a special photobook to keep them in along with photos from her baby shower.  Tyler, Angel and Emry will cherish these the rest of her life.

 Table Centerpieces

The table centerpieces consisted of these amazing cakes made by one of the hostesses and a glass jar filled with paper flowers. 

The three-tiered cakes with different flavors in each tier.  They were so pretty and so yummy! 

I made the paper flower arrangements by drawing a flower petal template, tracing/cutting 4-6 petals out of double sided scrapbook paper, randomly arranging them to look like a flower, gluing a button in the center, and adhering them with hot glue to a branch (stem).    I then stuffed upcycled jars with green moss and arranged 4-5 flower stems in each vase.  Tied a ribbon around the jar and viola-- flower centerpieces that were affordable, didn't wilt and can be used again! 

Menu & Recipes

It was a 2pm shower and we ate immediately after introductions and filling out the memory notecards. 

We served: 
  • Raspberry Sherbet Punch
  • Coffee (with a choice of creamers and whipped topping)
  • Ribbon Sandwiches
  • Fruit Delight Cups
  • Spinach Vegetable Dip
  • Italian Tortellini Kabobs
  • Cakes (on the tables and made by another shower hostess)
Ribbon Sandwiches Recipe
8 cups ground ham (Note:  I buy a "log" of ham and then grind it.)
2 hard boiled eggs
1-2 tablespoons onion
salt and pepper, to taste
3-4 cups salad dressing (Miracle Whip)
large container of Cheese Whiz
loaf of wheat bread
2 loaves of white bread

1.  Grind up ham, eggs, and onion using grinder attachment on Kitchen Aid mixer. 
2.  Mix ham mixture with salad dressing.  Salt and pepper to taste. 
3.  Spread ham mixture on one slice of white bread. 
4.  Spread cheese whiz on slice of wheat bread and place on top of white bread/ham layer. 
5.  Cover cheeze whiz with slice of white bread. 
6.  Using an electric knife trim off crusts, dividing it into 2 rectanuglar finger sandwiches. 


Italian Tortellini Kabobs
Frozen cheese tortellini
16 ounce block cheese of your choice (Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Colby, etc..)
cherry tomatoes
can of pitted olives
pepperoni slices
small bottole of italian dressing
kabob sticks

1.  Cook cheese tortellini according to package directions. 
2.  Place in medium bowl with pepperoni and pour Italian dressing over them.  Stir gently.  Place in refrigerator overnight or continue prepping. 
3.  Soak kabob sticks in water according to package directions. 
4.  Cut cheesse block into bite size pieces. 
5.  Wash cherry tomatoes and drain black olives. 
6.  Arrange ingredients on kabob sticks. 
7.  Refrigerate until serving. 

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