Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start Each Day Likes Its Your Birthday

It's birthday week at our house!!! On June 7th, I celebrated my 37th birthday :)  And Josiah's 7th birthday is on Saturday.  I love birthdays!  So when I saw this printable posted on one of my favorite blogs I had to link it up to mine.  What a great reminder of celebrating each and every day to the fullest! 
To print out your own copy, all you have to do is pick your favorite color, right click on that image, and save it to your computer!  I suggest printing it out on glossy cardstock and framing it.  I like to display seasonal printables on my kitchen window ledge--that's where my yellow copy is going to go for awhile :)  Thanks Kristyn at Lil' Luna for this lovely reminder and printable;  Happy Birthday to you too!!

Stay tuned because next week I will be posting all the details on Josiah's upcoming Angry Birds birthday!  I have so many fun ideas to share! 

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  1. Love it Becky! Hope you all have a wonderful birthday week!