Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sharing the Love with Paper Crafts

This past week I was a paper crafting fool!  (And LOVIN' it...I might add).  :) 

First of all, our February Craft Club activity was a deluxe card making session!  It was really fun to dig through and dust off my stamping and accessory supplies to design some new cards for my girlfriends and I to make.  Thanks to Kim O'Connell at Paper Perfect Designs I also created a couple of all-occasion gift card holders, too! 

If want a closer look at the designs and details, you may view my slide show on You Tube, in which I featured each card individually. 

Of course, with Valentine's Day a mere two days away, we've also been busy creating Josiah's school valentine box and valentines!  I presented Josiah with several ideas from blogs I follow and Pinterest and he choose from there! 

We created his valentine box out of a Kleenex box with printables from HP Creative Studio.  In fact, you can find lots of other ADORABLE holiday/ special occasion printables here when creativity or time is lacking.  Just be forewarned you'll need lots of colored ink or send the images to a local print shop! 

And all three of us worked together to create his "smartie pants" Valentines using these printables from Tip Junkie

On Valentine's Day, we are looking forward to celebrating it with my sister and her 2 kids!  Per Josiah's request, we will be enjoying heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy's and homemade sugar cookies!  

I'd love to hear or see how are you spreading the love this Valentine's Day!  Share your comments below.

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