Saturday, February 4, 2012


From time to time I want to share what I am currently into, up to, and doing.  Maybe my ramblings will provide you with a new recipe, inspiration, new product to try, new book to read, etc... Or just simply catch you up on the days of my life. 

Books:  For Bible Study, I am currently reading and leading a group through Resolution For Women by Priscilla Shirer.  This book/study was written to coincide with the recently released movie, Courageous and Resolution for Men.  The book is challenging me to be more intentional and resolved.  It has been enlightening and I definitely recommend it. 

I'm in between books otherwise.  I just read The Help (5 stars!!), The Postmistress  (4 1/2 stars) and Hotel on the Corner of Bittersweet (4 1/2 stars)-- I loved all of them, but especially The Help.  And I am looking forward to reading Room and Hunger Games Trilogy next.  I LOVE to read!!!

Music:  My favorite listening music right now is Kari Jobe's latest album.  And I'm really excited that Mandisa will be at South Dakota Life light 2012.  Lately, I'm digging Mandisa's singing Good Morning.  I love to listen to it each morning when I check my Face book and email.  It would be a great upbeat song to add to your exercise play list!  I also like it because it resonates with my one word journey in 2012, restore

Color:  Green

Drink:  Iced tea (of course) or hot Chai Tea lattes

TV Show:  Downton Abbey.  I LOVE this PBS series!!!!  It was recommended to me by my friend, Megan Koch, who blogs at Life Everyday.  Right now Season Two episodes are being featured on Sunday nights on PBS.  But you can catch all of  all Season One's episodes streaming on Netflix. Rob hasn't gotten into them nearly as much as I have but tolerates my obsession with them!  The series is based on a high-class English family that lives in a GIGANTIC sprawling mansion with butlers, maids and footmen at a time when the aristocratic society is crumbling.  

Food Cravin':  Coconut Oatmeal Cookies and Queso Dip from Qdoba

Wishin' For:  a new bike (I really dig this one at Target, partly because it's named LuLu!!)

Needs:  a new computer (my monitor and laptop mouse are broken)

Recent Triumph:  Memorizing scripture. 

Blessing:  Having Rob home a little more often. 

Bane of my existence:  van repairs (front brakes just needed repaired). 

Super Bowl Team Rootin' for:  Neither.....I'm really disappointed about the match-up.  But, we are excited to be invited to Barby and Todd's to watch the game, eat and hang out! 

On our menu:  White Chicken Enchiladas and Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Movie(s) wanting to see or rent:  Courageous, Hugo, and Big Miracle

Weekend Projects:  Baking Valentine sugar cookies (since my Mom is taking the year off), making school valentines with Josiah, and putting up February Kid's Ministry decor at the church. 

My favorite new products:  Microfiber cleaning cloths that I bought at Sam's Club.  I LOVE them! They make cleaning so much easier-- they soak up lots of water, don't leave any streaks and just plain make it easier and more enjoyable to clean! 

I also love new-skin liquid bandage.  I bought it to help heal those dry cracks that develop around your fingernails and knuckles during the winter that band aids just won't stick to.  I was very skeptical when I found it on the shelf but decided I would try it and couldn't be more pleased.  When you initially apply the new- skin it does sting for about 20 seconds (because it contains antiseptic) and takes about 1 minute to dry but then works sooooo much better than a band aid--especially in those places where it is hard to keep a band aid in place! 

I would love to know if I provided you with any inspiration or if you have any books, shows, movies, foods, that you'd recommend soon trying! 


  1. Love it! It must be the time of year for Queso dip. Diggin the 3 cheese nachos at Qdoba right now too! Addicted.

    Can't wait for you to read the Hunger Games. SOOOOO good. Do you have a Nook? I have Book 1 and Book 3 and Steph has book 2. You can borrow!!

    We just had scalloped potatoes and ham on our menu a couple weeks ago too. Yummy!

    The City looks fabulous! You are so talented and creative. Keep up the good work!

    Can you rub off just a little of your creative energy on me next time I see you? I got the creative ideas, the energy to do it lacks most of the time. :) You are amazing! ie. my blog is soooo neglected!

  2. Thanks for your comments Lissa! I don't have a Nook. But I think I'm going to borrow Book 1 of the Hunger Games from Natalie.

    Scalloped potatoes and ham are the ultimate winter comfort food!

    Thank you for your kind compliments! I'm so glad God has given me an eternal outlet for my creative energy and that all of you let me serve in that way!