Friday, August 19, 2011

A Collection of Back 2 School Ideas

Our summer was filled with lots of special moments and celebrations, but "summer fun" is over.  Josiah goes back to school on Monday. 

"Back to school" isn't quite what we envisioned this Fall because Josiah will be attending a public elementary school rather than Christian Center Elementary. We are very sad that circumstances in our lives are preventing us from sending him back to CCE, but we are so thankful for the time God allowed us to be there. 

Josiah will be a 1st grader this year in a classroom of 25 kids and will be riding a school bus back and forth from school everyday.  A few days ago, we were able to visit his classroom and meet his teacher.  I was very pleased and I'm excited for him! 

Rather than taking your school supplies the 1st day of school, now most schools request that you take them to "Meet the Teacher Night".  So, to help Josiah make packing his supplies a little more exciting, we sent him on a scavenger hunt for his labeled supplies.  (I got the idea from Happy Home Fairy and used most of their clues but also had to create a few of my own, as well.  You can find my extra clues here.)

Feeling proud we had his school supplies and made packing them fun, the three of us headed off to school.  However, as different students and parents came in carrying their school supplies and talking about them, I realized Josiah didn't quite have the right supplies.  I even questioned the teacher about some of the supplies I couldn't find on our list.  Guess what??? After we returned home, I realized I bought the wrong list of supplies.  I bought the Kindergarten Supply List and not the 1st Grade one.  Argh!!!

Silly me!  I guess I'm in denial that he is growing up right under my nose (he is actually almost to my nose) and we have a 1st grader :)  So, today Josiah and I are headed back out to the stores to buy the supplies we were missing.  I'm just thankful I realized my mistake before the 1st day of school when he started unpacking his supplies. 

In preparation for "Back to School" I have been collecting ideas to make it more fun and meaningful.  Here is a list of printable resources I am excited to use.  Just click on highlighted words and you will be directed to the original source where I found the idea(s). 
Last year I was overwhelmed with all the cute papers and projects that Josiah brought home.  :)  Even though I'm sentimental and love to keep all the memories, I DISLIKE paper clutter and the "frig" only has so much space!  So, I created a little clothesline on our kitchen wall to display his papers and projects.  It worked really well!  If you have primary aged kids at home, you might want to consider using this idea too.  All you need are three inexpensive supplies to create your own:  3M Command hooks or cup hooks, hemp twine/string, and clothespins. 

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