Friday, July 22, 2011

Not Like Grandma's

We "celebrated" Rob's birthday on Tuesday of this week.  However, circumstances made it one of the worst days of the year for all of us, so in an attempt to "save" his birthday I decided I would make his favorite cake....German Chocolate Cake, just like Grandma used to do. 

When baking or cooking for Rob, Grandma Thompson is my biggest "competition".  Since we've been married Rob always compares the "goodness" of my dishes, salads, pies, cookies, etc.. to Grandma's, which I think is completely NOT FAIR since she is AMAZING in the kitchen.  She is a could I ever compare to that???!!! But today, I was bound and determined to make "an out of this world German Chocolate Cake" for my husband!!

When I search for recipes, I always keep my eyes open for German Chocolate Cake recipes, since that is Rob's favorite cake.  A few weeks ago I thought I found the perfect one...a layered cake from scratch, the topping ingredients included pecans (a favorite of Rob's), and chocolate drizzle.  Sounds perfect, huh? 

Well, it proved to be a very time and ingredient intensive recipe.  And when I presented the cake to Rob, he said, "It's not like Grandma's..."  My feelings weren't hurt at all instead Josiah, Rob and I have spent the night giggling about my failed attempt to compete against Grandma.  The pictures that follow will explain my "failure" and Rob's comment. 

All in all, I think I've learned my lesson....Grandma will always be a better cook and baker than me (in Rob's eyes) and I am willing to accept it. 

I love you Grandma Thompson!  I am so blessed to be able to call you Grandma! 

Can you see the buttery icing dripping on the table? Plus, my icing/frosting didn't cover up the layers.  I don't think I allowed the sauce to cook and cool to a thick enough consistency. 

As I was drizzling, the chocolate became clumpy so I tried to make it "frosting" and thus the clumps.  This definitely doesn't look like a cake a seasoned baker would make! 

Finally, I "cut" a piece of cake for Rob to present to him as Josiah and I sang him Happy Birthday.  Yep, that's what his piece of birthday cake looked like!! ha ha :)  No wonder he said, "It's not like Grandma's..."  The cake was very crumbly...maybe  it would be better if I bought a box mix next time! 

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