Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make Learning POP!

I always strive to keep learning fresh and fun!  So, this week we mixed up our spelling review time with a POP! However, this fun activity could also be used for other basic test review (Bible, Science, Social Studies, etc..).  

Supply List: 

  • small latex balloons  (Suggestion: Use different colors for different kids or different lists (if you plan to use this in the classroom)
  • small pieces of paper (one for each spelling word or review question)
  • sharp object to POP the balloons (Suggestion:  sharp pencil, safety pin, needle, etc...) 
  • black Sharpie marker to number the balloons
  • master list (of the words or questions that will correspond with the clue inside the balloon)
  • Optional:  some small candies like Smarties, Skittles, or M & M s (if you want to reward your kiddos for getting the word or question right-- popping the balloon was good enough for Josiah!)


I wrote each of Josiah's spelling words on a small slip of scrap paper, folded it, and squeezed them into a balloon.  Then we both blew up the balloons, since we both had a lot of hot air to waste!!! 

Remember to number your balloons to correspond with your "master list" so that you know which words are inside. The video reveals the comedic mistake we made doing this!

We hope our idea and video inspires you to creatively mix up your homeschooling or classroom learning during what might be some long, cold, and "boring" days in January.   It only takes a bit of pre-planning, but very little, if you recruit your kiddos to help blow up the balloons.  

Extending Ideas: 
  • Chore List 
  • Brain Breaks
  • Play Date Activities
  • Blizzard Blowout Activities
  • Bible Verse Review 
  • throw darts at the balloons (Josiah's idea-- not mine, ha, ha)

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