Thursday, June 14, 2012

Plans For a SeNsAtiOnAL SUMMER


Since the beginning of April I have been suffering with extremely low iron counts.  This is very unlike me, but I can sum up the past 3 months in one sentence-- lots of bed rest, an ER visit, probably 20 doctor & lab visits, blood transfusion, five iron infusions (& counting), and a partial hysterectomy. 

So that's what I have been doing in your absence!  But, I'm happy to report I am feeling much better and healthier, which means we are finally ready to kick off summer at our house!  I definitely owe Josiah some fun given all the boredom he has endured at the doctors, hospital, and home!

Just like last year, I have planned lots of special activities for us to enjoy so we squeeze every bit of fun out of summer!  We call these activities our Summer Bucket List!  I incorporated lots of new ideas with the ol' standard activities that make summer, well, SUMMER!

Here's a glimpse of our Summer Bucket supplies :)

Here's a link to see our list of summer bucket activities

I changed how we are picking & choosing activities.  Last year, we randomly drew an activity out of a bucket.  However, Josiah didn't appreciate the "randomness".  There were very specific activities that he wanted to complete ASAP.  Because I stuck to the rules, he became frustrated and eventually uninterested in the bucket list.

Therefore, in an attempt to complete each and every task before summer "kicks the bucket" AND keep Josiah engaged ALL summer long, I have adjusted our picking-n-choosing format! 

I color coded each activity, cut them out on heavy cardstock, laminated them and put them on the frig.  So, now Josiah can choose any activity he wants and once we complete it, we move it to the "TA DONE" section on our frig :) 

Refrig-- To Done & Ta Done!

There is only one summer bucket rule:  He cannot pick a same color activity 2x in a row!  He has to pick a different colored activity each time, to help keep things a little varied :) 

Of course, there can't only be fun....We've been assigning Josiah specific chores/tasks that he must complete each day, as well. 

This is our first time formally assigning chores and paying Josiah an allowance for completing them.  He is being paid $.25 per each task completed and paid his accumulated weekly allowance on Thursdays. He won't be paid for some of the chores like brushing his teeth, however, if he doesn't do these tasks, $.25 is subtracted from his weekly allowance.

I created task cards vs. daily task lists, so I have been able to "manipulate" what I need help with, needs done, etc... Plus, each morning he will be "surprised" by his assigned chores!  Here is a link to Josiah's chore cards

These are our plans for a successful, sensational SUMMER!  We'd love to know yours!!


  1. Thank you Becky. It's wonderful to see your ideas.

  2. I love this idea! We are most definetly putting this together asap. I have a huge freezer that this would work on. Kudos to you for recognizing that he didn't like the randomness.